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Yoga Stretches

Group Class information

What to bring

  • Pilates mat (at least 10mm thick so you can lie/roll on your spine comfortably).

  • Resistance band OR a towel to assist stretches & movements.

  • Soft Pilates ball (not essential - I bring spares, although if you have been coming for a few months I'd suggest getting your own at this stage (approx cost £6)

  • Water

What to wear

  • Stretchy, comfy clothing.

  • Leggings preferred (so I can see your body!)

  • Pilates grip socks or barefoot

Group Classes

Mondays @ 2-3pm  and  Thursdays @ 9.15-10:15am

HYBRID Classes  (In Person and Live Online*)

Studio 74
St Augustine's Avenue

Bickley, Bromley


*classes are recorded live and all participants will receive a link of the replay for one week. 

Directions: Walk to the entrance via the right hand side of the building (the front doors are locked). Once inside, turn left and walk past the coffee bar, and through the door to the main hall. Please be respectful of the neighbours and only park in the lined boxes, making sure you do not block anyone's driveway.  

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