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Cancellation Policy:

  • A 24 hour cancellation policy will be strictly adhered to. This is to enable time for your slot to be filled. 

  • All late cancels within 24 hours notice or 'No Shows', will be charged a session by taking a credit from your package. If you are in a DUET, your partner may still take the session as per normal for no extra cost. 

  • If you cancel with >24hrs notice in a DUET, your partner will be notified and offered to upgrade their session to a 1:1 private at the discounted package price, OR, the session can be cancelled with no charge for both parties.

  • Members who purchase a package are acknowledging and agreeing to the above T&C's before commencing sessions. 


Private (1:1) & Duet (2:1) Pilates T&Cs:

  • Privates - we will work on whatever your body needs on the day or work towards whatever your goals are. 

  • Duets will be arranged like a circuit. Each person works on a different piece of equipment (choice of tower, reformer, chair, mat, spine corrector, ladder barrel). This will help you learn what you can do on each piece and also feel the difference between them!

  • Packages of 5 sessions to be purchased by each attendee, with a credit taken for each session. These are purchased in advance of your booked session. 

  • Regular cancellations or time off may mean your preferred time slot cannot be held. 

  • If you will be away for more than 3 weeks at a time, we will find you another time slot on your return. If you want your slot to be held whilst you're away, it is possible for you to pay to keep your preferred time slot whilst you are away. 


  • If you know you are going away on holiday, please give plenty advance notice so we can make other arrangements for your partner(s). 

  • Regular cancellations and no-shows are unfair on your partner, so please let us know if you know you are unable to commit going forward so we have time to find your partner a replacement. 


Group Classes

  • Block booking your classes guarantees your space in class. Therefore there are no refunds for missed classes.

  • If you are unable to attend, you can try and make up a class on another day within the same block/term.

  • Hybrid classes are recorded and you can make up your session via the recording, which is available each week if you have to miss class.

  • You can also log in Live online to attend classes if you are unable to make your class in-person.

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