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Pilates Spring Classes

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What are Spring Classes?

  • Springs are hooked to a wall fixing  (Wall Tower and Springboard)   & exercises are performed pulling against the springs.

  • Work your arms, legs & spine - in lying, sitting, kneeling, standing. 


  • Spring resistance builds strength in your muscles, tendons and bones quicker - great for people with aches and pains!

  • Low impact (NOT easy!).

  • Exercises improve flexibility and strength - good for those who play sports and require agility - but also for those who spend a lot of their day sitting. 

  • 45 min class - easy to squeeze it into your busy day

  • A highly affordable way to work in a private setting

How do I book?

  • Book online when you want to attend - PAYG system. Classes cost £27/class. 

  • There is space for TWO people - so you will get lots of attention as you work out! A third piece will be added in the future. 

  • Minimum 2 people required to book. Otherwise, the class will be cancelled an hour before (a credit refunded to your account to use another time).

  • ​Book early to ensure your space! Please note that a 24 hour cancellation policy applies and any missed classes will cost the full session. 

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